Understanding Saxthor how & why he thinks & acts

The Dragon Ring, the first book of the six book epic fantasy series, The Neuyokkasinian Arc of Empire Series, builds Saxthor’s character in-depth. While the action and entertainment are paramount, there is another reason for this initial book. I wanted my readers to ‘grow up’ with the protagonist, feeling his reactions through the many crises he faces. Thus, the reader can relate to Saxthor as a personal friend, vulnerable through youth. They can see experience his internal character building, transforming him from shattered and overwhelmed by events to a self-confident young man able to lead through the adverse life hurdles the rest of the series presents.

This unique approach is intended to bring the reader to not only experience ever intensifying events but to actually be inside Saxthor’s head as his responses develop filtered through his dynastic and life-experiences point of view. In short, the reader becomes a part of Saxthor in the process, living his life as the actions take place. This series is about real life issues woven through the fabric of fantastic entertainment. Though fantasy, I want the readers to identify with their real life issues making them more empathetic and involved in the story personally.


The Pinnacle of Empire published

FrontCover300RGBBook six of my epic fantasy series, The Pinnacle of Empire, is now available in both print and Kindle formats on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B011ML2ROC It should be shortly on Smashwords and Nook. If you haven’t started this series, do check it out now. amzn.com/author/ccraigcoleman.

This book about the height of power and its associated challenges concludes the series, an epic story of life .


How to Write a Review

Writing a review means a lot to authors and other readers. On the internet, it’s one of the best ways for readers to determine if the book is one they’d like.  Please do leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads for those books you buy and read. Just go to the book page on Amazon or Goodreads and click on ‘Write a customer review.’

Here’s a quick bullet list of things to include:

  1. What is the story about in a sentence or two? Don’t write spoilers, though. Ex. The (main character) is forced to flee for his life facing many challenges and creatures to prove his worthiness to wield his powers.
  2. What is the spirit or tone of the book, action oriented, sweet, romantic, scary, etc.? Ex. This is a high action adventure for the young and old.
  3. What is the pacing? Ex. This fast-paced book starts with a crisis and takes off, or the digressions slowed the pace and I got bored.
  4. Are the characters credible? Do you feel empathy for any of them? Ex. I so felt the camaraderie between the two friends, lovers, etc. from my own life experiences. This is a challenge in fantasy, but the author pulls it off and makes the story so real.
  5. What is the quality of the writing? Ex. This story was well written drawing me into the experience. It was rather free of grammar and spelling errors that can distract from the story.
  6. Did you enjoy the story?
  7. Will you recommend the book to others?

Lots of new formats

Coming in less than two weeks, all the Arc of Empire Series books will be available through Smashwords, Kobo, an other formats for your convenience.

Book 5, The Powterosian War, should be available soon as well. Look for it.frontCoverRGB100 (1)


Four Books Available:

The first four books of the N. Arc of Empire Series are now available on Amazon and through Barnes & Noble. Book #4, The Dreaddrac Onslaught, went up on April 24th, 2015. Keep up with the series as book #5, The Powterosian War, will soon be available as well.

This massive body of works spans the life of the protagonist, Saxthor through the rise of empire. Fast paced and filled with fantastic creatures and challenges, it nonetheless reflects life’s challenges in the real world for those that want more depth. Experience an new life in a fantastic new world steeped in high adventure.


N. Arc of Empire Status

For those following the Neuyokkasinian Arc of Empire series, I published the first three books in August through December of 2014 after writing the story for fourteen years. My goal is to publish the remainder of the series in the first third to half of 2015. This massive epic fantasy series spans the life of the protagonist, Saxthor, through the rise of empire. The scope and complexity expand with each book.

Book #1 The Dagon Ring covers the coming of age phase in Saxthor’s life. His joyful childhood ends abruptly and he must flee into exile to save his life and grow his character and integrity through adversity to be able to wield his extraordinary powers. This book’s mini-quest immerses the reader in Saxthor’s experiences. They ‘grow up’ with him experiencing his challenges so the reader can then understand how he thinks and sympathize with his reactions through his life.

Book 2# The Crystal Legacy begins a major quest to locate and retrieve power crystals to restore Saxthor’s power crown. If successful, the crown will enable him to eventually fight the Dark Lord of Dreaddrac on equal terms. This book brings in new members to Saxthor’s band as they travel up the eastern side of the Powterosian peninsula. Along the way, they encounter new creatures and challenges while avoiding discovery by the Sorcerer-king.

Book #3 The Crown of Yensupov covers the second half of the quest. Saxthor’s band races down the western peninsula to retrieve the remaining power crystals ahead of the Dark Lord’s assassins. Political complexity and human personal interactions grow through this suspenseful and emotionally charged story.

Book #4 The Dreaddrac Onslaught covers Dreaddrac’s overwhelming assaults on the peninsula’s unprepared Southern kingdoms. Battlefronts open everywhere with Dreaddrac overpowering the defenders at every turn. Saxthor wonders if the war is lost before it begins.

Book #5 The Powterosian War covers the war’s drama all across the peninsula. I won’t release any spoilers here, but the scope of the story engulfs the entire peninsula.

Book #6 Pinnacle of Empire, well, you’ll have to read it to discover how this massive work comes out.

Book #4, The Dreaddrac Onslaught, is now available on Amazon, print and Kindle and through Barnes & Nobles (print only).

Book #5, The Powterosian War, will be available by the third week in May.


Why I’m self-publishing the Series ASAP

One difference between self and traditional publishing. With traditional, the marketing is heavily weighted by the placement of the books on ‘Just Released’ displays at the bookstore entrance. ‘I see, I browse it, I buy,’ so each book sells itself.

With self-publishing a series, the author doesn’t have the physical shelf placement in bookstores, the major drawback. The author is responsible for getting the books in front of potential buyers. Thus, the series needs to be ready, or nearly so, before publishing the first book, relying on the enthusiasm of the current read to inspire the reader to want the next, when readers finish each book. Out of sight, out of mind.

Another reason not to write past the first book with traditional publishing is agents and publishers typically want the writer to change this and that. It would be counter productive to write past the one the agent/publisher is considering. Self-publishing… it’s all about what you think it should be, so you can proceed through the series before publishing.

That’s why I’m like a Chinese plate spinner at this point. I’m marketing (placing ads, etc.) for book one and now two, working with the copy editor and cover artist on book three, and doing extensive editing and polishing what will be books four and five. I’m going nuts.

The greatest pro for self-publishing is the author has control of all aspects of the publishing, it truly is his vision. That is also one of the cons. Most writers want to write and leave sales and marketing to the agent and publisher. One has to be willing to spend time on each aspect of the process and have a talent for pulling it all together. The biggest con for self-publishing is no one is quite sure how to best get the attention of readers.


The Crystal Legacy

The Crystal Legacy, sequel to The Dragon Ring, is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in both paperback and Kindle versions ! If you liked The Dragon Ring, you’ll love The Crystal Legacy! You’ve read the coming of age phase of Saxthor’s life, now begin the quest to find the hidden crystals to reassemble the Crown of Yensupov, the power crown enabling its true owner to draw together humanity for the fight aganst the looming evil.

CColeman-DragonRing FrontCoverThe_Crystal_Legacy_Cover_for_Kindle


A Book is a Painting

It occurred to me recently that a book is a painting. The pen is the brush, each word is a stroke of the brush, each word is the color, each innuendo a shade. This came to me when editing. I’m a bit OCD, I want just the right ‘tone’ in the word I choose to express the exact level of meaning. Thus, If I say, “The battle went on…” the tone or shade is mild. If I change ‘went’  to ‘raged,’ I’ve intensify the degree dramatically. “The battle raged on…” That’s the difference between selecting rose or scarlet to paint my picture. Just the simple choice of one word changes the intensity of the ‘painting.’ I love this vision.

There is a difference. With a painting, you’re showing the mind exactly what the intensity is from the painter’s POV, though each mind may interpret it slightly differently. With a book, the mind must interpret the tone based on the reader’s vision of the word. That allows for far more variation in interpretation. The painting feeds the sensory elements of the mind. The book teases the mind further exciting it to ‘create’ the painting through each person’s experiences in life. Both are delicious. Both are paintings feeding the mind to grow its imagination and excite creativity.


Editing Update 2nd Book of Series

I’m doing another editing pass on the second book of my fantasy series. This is tedious to say the least. I’m spending all available time on editing because readers have requested the sequel to the first book already. Also, I want to have the book on sale for the holiday season.

What I do like about editing is the opportunity to see scenes from a broader perspective. Rereading from a distance helps to ensure the correct word, for the desired tone, fits the scene. Reading from a broader perspective makes it easier to spot points in action scenes where one can extend and enhance suspense, intensify actions, and add other sensory elements to draw the reader into the experience. That bit of polishing is most rewarding.

I’ve decided the second book is too long to publish in one paperback. Also, I’ve gotten feedback that readers don’t want monster books these days. I think I can split this book into two and still have both the same size as the first book, roughly 375 pages, just shy of 100K words. I think I have found a good spot to split the book, but I’ll have to make modifications to the ending of the first one for closure, and the beginning of the second for a brilliant opening. These changes will make the books easier to read and more affordable too.

I must select a scene for the cover art so the artist has time to create my vision.

Now to get all this done.