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TheDragonRing-Book   This is the look of my forthcoming book, The Dragon Ring, the first of my four book, epic fantasy series about the rise and fall of an empire through the life and dynasty of the protagonist, Saxthor. This first book covers the coming of age phase of Saxthor’s life. It begins with assassination attempts shattering his carefree life as the kingdom’s spare heir. Pursued into exile, can he survive to develop his personality and character to assume and control powers that destroy other mortals?

Published August 15, 2014.

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  1. Jim Gaddis

    I am ecstatic for you. Can’t wait to read the first volume and the web site is beautiful too. Nicely done. I’ll be looking for pointers before long.



      Thanks Jim, this has been a monumental undertaking for me. I honestly doubted I’d be able to do it. So much I still don’t understand, but at least I did get this much up and that’s the information I wanted to disseminate, so it’s all good. Yours is my first comment. Now I get to see how all that works.

  2. Louanna Crocker

    Congratulations on your achievements. I have no doubt you will have great sucess and are in such a good place. I am signing up for your blog notifications and will certainly bel looking forward to the release of your book. Though I’m about 50 behind on the ones I have now, I’ll be sure to send that one to the head of the line.


      Thannk you so much for your enthusiasm and support, Louanna. I’ve worked on this for so many years now, this series truly is my baby I want to leave to the world. I hope others enjoy the books as much as bringing them to life has meant to me.

  3. Brenda Tipton

    Craig – HALLELUJAH !! Looking forward to seeing it on Amazon!
    See you on the spacial day in Aug.


    Thanks Brenda!

  5. Mateo

    Congrats my friend. Well deserved.

  6. Craig, the book and overall illustration looks very cool. I’m so happy you are publishing your epic series. I’m looking forward to getting the first volume on August 15th.


      Thanks Paul! This has been a long, challenging journey. We’ve both learned so much through our writing/publishing sagas. We both understand what finally putting our babies out for the world means to each other. Here’s a toast to both our successes in the literary world.

  7. brian

    looking forward to the next volume


      The Crystal Legacy, sequel to The Dragon Ring will be available on Amazon next week, around November 18th. Thanks for your support and enthusiasm!

  8. JimG

    On my birthday no less!!! How thoughtful of you. Great way to celebrate!

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