Understanding Saxthor how & why he thinks & acts

The Dragon Ring, the first book of the six book epic fantasy series, The Neuyokkasinian Arc of Empire Series, builds Saxthor’s character in-depth. While the action and entertainment are paramount, there is another reason for this initial book. I wanted my readers to ‘grow up’ with the protagonist, feeling his reactions through the many crises he faces. Thus, the reader can relate to Saxthor as a personal friend, vulnerable through youth. They can see experience his internal character building, transforming him from shattered and overwhelmed by events to a self-confident young man able to lead through the adverse life hurdles the rest of the series presents.

This unique approach is intended to bring the reader to not only experience ever intensifying events but to actually be inside Saxthor’s head as his responses develop filtered through his dynastic and life-experiences point of view. In short, the reader becomes a part of Saxthor in the process, living his life as the actions take place. This series is about real life issues woven through the fabric of fantastic entertainment. Though fantasy, I want the readers to identify with their real life issues making them more empathetic and involved in the story personally.


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