How to Write a Review

Writing a review means a lot to authors and other readers. On the internet, it’s one of the best ways for readers to determine if the book is one they’d like.  Please do leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads for those books you buy and read. Just go to the book page on Amazon or Goodreads and click on ‘Write a customer review.’

Here’s a quick bullet list of things to include:

  1. What is the story about in a sentence or two? Don’t write spoilers, though. Ex. The (main character) is forced to flee for his life facing many challenges and creatures to prove his worthiness to wield his powers.
  2. What is the spirit or tone of the book, action oriented, sweet, romantic, scary, etc.? Ex. This is a high action adventure for the young and old.
  3. What is the pacing? Ex. This fast-paced book starts with a crisis and takes off, or the digressions slowed the pace and I got bored.
  4. Are the characters credible? Do you feel empathy for any of them? Ex. I so felt the camaraderie between the two friends, lovers, etc. from my own life experiences. This is a challenge in fantasy, but the author pulls it off and makes the story so real.
  5. What is the quality of the writing? Ex. This story was well written drawing me into the experience. It was rather free of grammar and spelling errors that can distract from the story.
  6. Did you enjoy the story?
  7. Will you recommend the book to others?

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