Editing Update 2nd Book of Series

I’m doing another editing pass on the second book of my fantasy series. This is tedious to say the least. I’m spending all available time on editing because readers have requested the sequel to the first book already. Also, I want to have the book on sale for the holiday season.

What I do like about editing is the opportunity to see scenes from a broader perspective. Rereading from a distance helps to ensure the correct word, for the desired tone, fits the scene. Reading from a broader perspective makes it easier to spot points in action scenes where one can extend and enhance suspense, intensify actions, and add other sensory elements to draw the reader into the experience. That bit of polishing is most rewarding.

I’ve decided the second book is too long to publish in one paperback. Also, I’ve gotten feedback that readers don’t want monster books these days. I think I can split this book into two and still have both the same size as the first book, roughly 375 pages, just shy of 100K words. I think I have found a good spot to split the book, but I’ll have to make modifications to the ending of the first one for closure, and the beginning of the second for a brilliant opening. These changes will make the books easier to read and more affordable too.

I must select a scene for the cover art so the artist has time to create my vision.

Now to get all this done.



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  1. Jim Gaddis

    Sic ’em boy! Keep ’em coming! However, I do not envy you that editing task. At least be glad, though, that you don’t have to do citations, end notes, bibliography, and index. You talk about tedious! If I ever write another book it will not be a non-fiction thing. It’ll be an historical novel.

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